How do I Get a Quick Close on my House in St. Louis?

Quick Close If you looking for a quick close on a house in St. Louis, opting to arrange a cash sale may be an ideal option for you.  There are many benefits to be gained when you sell your house for cash; the most common benefit that is received is getting a very rapid, quick close on your house in St. Louis.  Realistically, today’s real estate market is a challenging one; a cash sale can make the whole process much easier and certainly avoids the difficulties of a traditional home sale.  What are some of the reasons why selling your house for cash is such a great option?

Quickness – If you are looking for a quick close on your house in St. Louis, it is pretty clear that a cash sale is the best choice to make.  Traditional ways to sell a house fast require asking a buyer to jump through many hoops to find a lender, get credit approval, which slows the sales process.  There is little doubt that cash sales will be your fastest route to a quick close on your house in St. Louis.   Most times when a home owner wants to sell a house for cash, the process is completed in just a few days, not weeks.  Such a rapid process is very appealing to anyone who wants a quick close in St. Louis.

Convenience – When looking for a quick close on your house in St. Louis, cash sales are much more convenient for the person who owns the property.  First contact with the purchaser will commonly bring an initial purchasing offer, which the seller can accept or reject before they buy your house.  There is no need to make repairs or paint the house as the sale is typically conducted on an “as-is” basis.  The agreed upon price is on the home in its current condition, which is often a big relief to the seller  and a big savings of both time and money as compared to the more common retail house sales process.  The amount being offered is clearly stated and it is entirely the seller’s choice as to whether or not to accept that offer.

Simplicity – When all is said and done, selling a home for cash is a much simpler process in general than selling a house in the traditional real estate market.  The paperwork is greatly reduced and much easier to understand, the house is being sold ‘as is’ for a specified price, period.   This is one factor that will allow for a quick close on your house in St. Louis.  There are none of the other stumbling blocks that exist in the traditional retail house selling process.  Because of all this simplicity, the time to complete the entire sales effort is greatly shortened, money for the sale can be in the hands of the seller in days, not months.  For anyone facing issues that have led them to look for a quick close, having cash in hand that quickly is an immeasurable benefit to them.

While Realtor’s shout that they can get a quick close on your house in St. Louis, it is investors that really can buy the property for all cash in just a couple of weeks.  You’re dealing with a buyer or sometimes a wholesaler, who will sell the contract to another investor, who then purchases.  In today’s market, a Realtor can’t promise: “We’ll be at the closing table in two weeks,” or even “We’ll have a ratified contract in two weeks.”   Investors like St. Louis Realty Advisors can.  And investors do buy in “as is” condition because they factor the repair costs into their offer.

If you are trying to obtain a quick close on your house in St. Louis, consider the benefits offered by a cash sale before committing to a traditional retail sales process and facing the cost and delay of repairs, home showings, waiting for offers, and endless negotiations.  You can sell your house for cash in just days and be relieved of the burden your property has been to you.  It is a process offering quickness, convenience, and simplicity; consider these benefits and the decision to sell your house for cash will be an easy choice!  To receive a quick close on your house in St. Louis contact St. Louis Realty Advisors today at 314-227-0000.

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