How to Make your House Sell Faster in St. Louis

How to make your house sell faster in St. Louis is always in the mind of sellers in the city.  Depending on the home and the area, sometimes homes can sit on the market for months and even years.  This is when working with a real estate investor can come into play to sell your home.  A real estate investor is someone who invests in real estate. They buy properties with cash. Have you ever seen one of those “We Buy Houses” signs? That is most likely a real estate investor looking for home sellers to purchase properties from.  This sign could be your answer to “How to make your house sell faster in St. Louis.”

Some of the pros of working with a real estate investor to make your house sell faster in St. Louis include:

Avoid Paying Expensive Commission Fees: You don’t pay any commissions fees that you would pay in a traditional home sale with a realtor. Also, a word of advice, if an investor asks you for money up front then this is a scam. No investor will take money from you! In fact they will either give you a small amount of money to make the contract legal or you will collect an EMD (earnest money deposit) which will be held at a title company either of your choosing or an agreed upon location between you and the investor to solidify the deal.

Cash Offers: Most will pay cash to buy your property in MO.

Fast Closings: Most will close in under 30 days, sometimes in a week.

As Is: Have any ugly, run-down house? You don’t have to conduct any repairs on the property! Sometimes investors purchase properties sight unseen.

One of the cons of working with a real estate investor to make your house sell faster in St. Louis is that you may sell your home for below market value. You will need to figure out how important this is for you. Real estate investors are looking for properties that are priced at a discount. Is this something that you are willing to do knowing the potential value of your home? Investors will generally not pay market value for your property but they are also taking a risk by purchasing an “as is” property for cash.

Should you sell your home to a real estate investor to make your house sell faster in St. Louis? Yes! It’s important that you do your due diligence and ask them many questions. Some example questions to ask:

1)  What is the name of your company? Some investors are individuals and may not have a company so you must decide if this is important to you.

2) Where is your office located? Some investors may have offices while some may work from home; again decide if this matters to you.

3)  How many years have they been in business? This is important because it will tell you how experienced the investor is.

If you are a seller looking to make your house sell faster in St. Louis working with a real estate investor is a win-win situation for you as the home owner.  Working with an investor allows you to sell your home quickly for cash (in most situations) regardless of the condition and with a fast turnaround time.  If you are ready to make your house sell faster in St. Louis, contact St. Louis Realty Advisors at 314-227-0000. We’d love to chat!

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