Is Your House for Sale? Here’s How to Sell Fast!

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If you are struggling to promote your house for sale, then you might not know how to sell a house effectively. Fortunately, we’re happy to help! For some helpful tips you can start to implement right away, consider our suggestions below.

How to Sell a House Action Plan

Sell Before You Buy

The most common problem sellers encounter is deciding whether to buy a new home before they sell their old one. No homeowner wants to have two separate mortgage payments on their shoulders at one time, but they might also want their next home to be ready right away.

To resolve this kind of dilemma, try renting out your home for a while until someone wants to buy it. This way, you will still have someone paying for the mortgage and you’ll be able to enjoy your new home in the meantime.

Promote and Market Your Home

Strategize your marketing and promotional efforts, from properly presenting your home to prospective buyers in good condition all the way to promoting it online using all of today’s technologies. This will include having quality, eye-catching photos, helpful information and a contact number that you can always be reached at.

Hire an Agent

This is advantageous on your part if you have no previous experience selling homes. An agent will know how to sell a house quickly and effectively, including understanding the process of all legal concepts during a real estate transaction. Often times real estate agents can get your home sold faster and for more money so it’s a very important aspect to consider. If you need to sell your home on your own, read our suggestions in this article.

Price It Right

We have always strongly expressed the importance of pricing your home correctly from the very start. Many people commit the mistake of setting their initial selling price too high, and as a result they’re forced to lower it as time goes on. Your home should properly reflect the current market, as well as reflect the true value of the home.

If you’re selling on your own, you should do some research ahead of time to learn about similar homes in your neighborhood, local market trends and what kinds of features make your home worth the price you want. There could be more unwanted consequences when overpricing your home; be sure to read them all here.

Fix, Clean & Green

Neglecting to fix required repairs in your home or overlooking the importance of cleaning and staging can mean disaster for your sell. Stage your home neatly, so that the home is clean and organized from top to bottom. Remove any personal items and try to keep colors neutral to impress buyers.

Fix and repair everything that needs it. Inspectors will likely find these problems in their checks anyways and buyers will request that you take care of them. Give extra attention to your curb appeal and lawns. as this will be the first thing potential homebuyers see. An inviting, well-kept front lawn and porch will bring in more potential buyers than an exterior that looks ignored and messy.

If you really need to sell your house fast for cash, St. Louis Realty Advisors is here to help!  Give us a call to get started today at 314-227-0000.

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