Pros and Cons of Selling Your Home through a Real Estate Agent versus Directly to a Wholesale Investor

selling your home through investor If you want to sell your house, the goal is to do so in a hassle-free, quick and easy way that still lets you walk away with the most cash in your pocket. So, do you sell through a real estate agent or directly to a professional investor? There are Pros and Cons of selling Your Home.

What real estate brokers and agents do best is find potential buyers, help negotiate the price, and deal with the mortgage company. Those are valuable services, but that’s why the biggest cost of selling a home is usually the real estate commission. Plus, it takes time to find a qualified buyer…and time is money. In the meantime, you need to keep paying the insurance, taxes, utilities, and mortgage payments. You’ll need to also keep your home tidy and presentable. It is best if you, your family members, and any pets you have are not at home whenever your agent comes over to show the home to potential buyers.

That can be a headache, but that effort will pay off when you get a signed contract…as long as the buyer isn’t turned-down for their loan. Unfortunately, you probably won’t know that for six or eight weeks, because that is how long it usually takes for the lender to make a final decision. If the buyer’s loan falls through, you’re back to square one, so be patient.

Pros and Cons of Selling Your Home Directly to a Wholesale Investor:

That’s why many homeowners prefer to sell to a professional wholesale investor. These are folks who are in the business of buying and selling homes, regardless of what condition they are in or what your financial situation may be. There is no marketing involved, and you don’t need a real estate agent…so you don’t pay anyone a commission. You just deal with the buyer, who is in the business of buying homes and paying cash for them, based on whatever price you both agree is fair.

There’s no mortgage company involved, since wholesale buyers pay cash. Most of them also like to buy the property “as is” instead of asking you to make repairs. Wholesalers usually have their own repair people to fix up homes once they have paid you. With no mortgage company or repair delays, you can usually close the whole transaction in as little as two weeks. Some wholesalers can even get it done in just a few days.

Do Your Homework:

But whether you go the traditional route with a realtor, or you work with a wholesaler, always do your homework. Check their background. Ask for references, call the Better Business Bureau to see if they’ve gotten any complaints. Did other sellers like you have a good experience with them? Does the wholesaler or realtor have a good reputation within the community? Does a wholesaler have the money to make a cash offer and pay it off on time? Check their track record, and then do what works best for you, your finances, and your overall situation.

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