Selling Your Home to Real Estate Investors in St. Louis

real estate investors in St. Louis

Working with real estate investors in St. Louis has become common place for many. If you’re struggling to sell a property on the market, you are not alone. The real estate market has changed substantially over the past ten years, and it’s becoming increasingly common for home sellers to be approached by real estate investors in St. Louis as opposed to traditional homebuyers. Like most sellers, this may be your first time encountering a real estate investor, so here are some things to know.

Selling to an investor offers flexible payment options. Unlike most traditional buyers, real estate investor in St. Louis may be in a position to offer various payment methods like certified funds, cash, or even to take over the existing mortgage entirely. With so many options available, many sellers find investors to be ideally qualified and convenient buyers for their property – especially if they are looking to sell fast.

It can also help you avoid foreclosure. If you’ve been receiving foreclosure notices or the bank has threatened to repossess your home, a quick sale with reputable real estate investors in St. Louis may be the solution you need to avoid foreclosure. Sometimes, they may even be in a position to take over your mortgage and allow you to rent from them, enabling to keep your home and maintain your family’s living situation and stability. If you’re struggling to make ends meet, why wait when you can have a check in your hand sooner?

Cash offers are not uncommon. Because of their increased access to capital, real estate investors in St. Louis will often pay cash. This isn’t just for your benefit, though. They often do this so as not to have interest on payments and to complete the transaction quickly and smoothly.

Investors may buy “as is”. Many real estate investors in St. Louis will offer to buy your property as is, meaning that you will be spared from costly repairs, remodeling, and other hassles that sellers typically face when trying to sell on the market to traditional homebuyers.

You will avoid commission costs. When you sell to an investor, you avoid having to pay the commission fee you would otherwise have to hand over to a realtor.  Real estate investors in St. Louis don’t charge a fee for their services, instead offering to make you a fast and fair offer for your property which you’ll receive on the day of the closing.

If you are looking for real estate investors in St. Louis to purchase your home, contact St. Louis Realty Advisors today by calling 314-227-0000.

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