Should I FSBO to Find Someone to Buy my Ugly House in St. Louis?

It is no secret; the housing market in St. Louis is hot. With low inventory and motivated buyers, supply isn’t keeping up with demand.  Market-ready homes are exiting the market almost as fast they enter.

It’s easy to understand why some homeowners contemplate “Who will buy my ugly house in St. Louis”. Selling without a realtor seems like the simpler, lower cost way to go. If this describes you, here are few matters to remember that many for-sale-by-owners don’t consider.

From the physical structure to the location to the sales data of comparable properties, many components go into properly pricing a home especially when you are asking “Who will buy my ugly house in St. Louis”.  It is natural for a seller to also bring a bit of emotion and sentimentality into the process.  Being able to separate emotion from the transaction is important; otherwise you could overprice a property making it difficult to find someone that is interested in purchasing your ugly home.

As easy as it is to overprice, under pricing is also an issue when you are asking “Who will buy my ugly house in St. Louis”. Simply having someone to buy your ugly house doesn’t assure you will get the most return on your investment with a sale.  Without the proper market data, you could lose several thousand dollars by not pricing it appropriately and underselling your home.

Perhaps you’ve said “I don’t need a realtor, I’ll FSBO and find someone to buy my ugly house in St. Louis”.   If this is the case, keep in mind you are responsible for preparing to show your home, scheduling and showing your home. With the current market activity, managing all of that can feel like a second job.

Attracting buyers to a solid property is the easy part. The challenge comes with inspections, negotiations and contracts.  Be aware of disclosure laws and the inspection process. Prepare a firm stance on the types of offers you will accept and what you’re willing to concede as the seller.

Selling a property is much more than putting a sign in the yard and eventually signing on the dotted line. From advertising to closing, a lot of work goes into a FSBO situation. While you may be saying to yourself “FSBO sounds like a great way to find someone to buy my ugly house in St. Louis”, there are other options.  Working with a cash buyer can be the perfect alternative.  Many cash homebuyers are willing to purchase your ugly home as is and in a timely fashion. You’ll cut out the pricing, showing and haggling, be offered a fair price and generally get paid in cash with no mortgage needing to meet approval and most importantly, no inspection needing to be performed.

If you are a home seller that is asking “Who will buy my ugly house in St. Louis” and looking to bypass the traditional real estate market give St. Louis Realty Advisors a call at (314) 227-0000.

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