Tips for How to Sell a Home Quickly in STL

how to sell a home quickly in STL

If you’re asking how to sell a home quickly in STL, St. Louis Realty Advisors understands that putting your home on the market can be stressful. Week after week of showings require your house to be presentable at all times, not to mention the hassle of vacating at a moment’s notice. If you have pets or children, that stress is multiplied.  If you need to learn how to sell a home quickly in STL, these tried-and-true methods can help you get offers quickly!

Get a Storage Unit: The first major tip to answer the question, how to sell a home quickly in STL! You might think the easiest way to declutter your home is to shove everything into the closets. Bad idea: Anyone who tours your home is going to check out the storage spaces, and disorganized, overstuffed closets only serve as evidence that your home is lacking. Opt instead for a storage unit to house the things you won’t need while your home is on the market. The general rule? Get rid of a third of your stuff.

Staging and Photography:  A professional home stager sees your home from a buyer’s perspective — a good one understands how to highlight its strengths and soften its flaws while helping you answer “How to sell a home quickly in STL”. Your buyer’s first impression will be those listing photos, and studies show that homes with more than six listing photos online are twice as likely to be viewed by buyers.

Find the Right Real Estate Agent: 

How to sell a home quickly in STL can really depend on your agent. Look for a track record of sales that proves they know how to sell your house fast. Are they familiar with the benefits (and negatives) of your neighborhood? Can they walk into your home and tell you precisely what buyers will love and hate? One way to be sure: check their reviews.

Promote it Yourself:  Don’t leave all the marketing up to your agent. Do your part to get the word out about your home by using your personal social media accounts and sending the listing page to family and friends, this is tried and tested way to answer how to sell a home quickly in STL. You never know what friend of a friend or distant relative may be looking in your neck of the woods! You may even consider spreading word about your home in your neighborhood. Send the listing to your homeowners’ association email list and let your neighbors help.

Depersonalize:  This is one of the hardest tips for home sellers asking “How to sell a home quickly in STL?” to handle. Of course, your kids’ baby pictures are adorable, but when your home is on the market, they need to come down for prospective buyers to imagine themselves living there. In the same respect, don’t distract from the house itself with art, which could be unappealing to a buyer.

Small Upgrades:  Don’t go overboard on major remodels when trying to sell your home. Chances are you won’t get your money back. Instead, focus on small upgrades, particularly in the kitchen and bathroom, where you’re most likely to see a return on investment. A new sink and cabinet hardware in the kitchen, or light fixtures, shower curtains, and hand towels in the bathroom, are inexpensive but can instantly transform your space. Rather than splurging $30,000 on a full kitchen remodel, ditch your unmatched old appliances and spend $3,500 on a new stainless steel appliance suite. Small upgrades can have a big impact and can help you in the quest of “How to sell a home quickly in STL.”

Work with a Cash Homebuyer:  Another option to determine “how to sell a home quickly in STL” is to work with a cash home buyer in Missouri like St. Louis Realty Advisors. In many instances, cash home buyers can close on a home within days since no mortgage or loan is involved. When dealing with a cash home buyer the above tips don’t need to be followed.  Many times home buyers will buy homes as is even in fair to poor condition.  Contact St. Louis Realty Advisors today to learn more about how to sell a home quickly in STL by calling (314) 227-0000.

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