Tips for Selling your House Fast in St. Louis, MO

Searching for tips for selling your house fast in St. Louis, MO can be a great place to begin your home selling journey.  When you decided you wanted to sell your house, chances are that you figured you would be selling to an individual buyer in the traditional method – with a real estate agent. However, that’s not always ideal. In some cases, you might have an investor approach you about buying your property. This could be a good option for some sellers, especially those who have been having issues selling their property or those looking to sell their home quickly.  St. Louis Realty Advisors has complied 5 helpful tips for selling your house fast in St. Louis, MO to a local investor.

Tip #1: Know What Investor Cash Buyers Look For

This tip is at the top of our tips for selling your house fast in St. Louis, MO list for a very good reason.  Investors look to buy properties as a way to increase their cash flow or to make a profit. They might take the house and turn it into a rental property. They could also buy it to add to their investment portfolio, they will buy as-is, rehab the property, and sell at a profit. Understanding why the investors buy properties makes it easier for you to understand how they negotiate. You will then understand why the offers you get might not be as high as you might have thought. Most investors buy with all cash and close quickly, so the numbers have to work for them from a business standpoint.

Tip #2: Trying to Negotiate When Selling My House

When you are negotiating with investors, you have to remember that they are trying to get a good deal on the property so they can benefit too. This means that you may not be able to get as high of a price as you could if you were to sell traditionally with a Realtor. This is the tradeoff though. Working with an investor is generally much simpler and much faster when it comes to actually completing the sale. Most investors buy with all cash and close within days or weeks.  In addition, the investors will often buy the property “as is”, which means you will not have to take care of any expensive repairs before you make the sale. Furthermore, you do not have to pay Realtor commissions or in some cases, closing fees.

Tip #3: Be Careful Who You Work With

While most of the real estate investors you will meet are legitimate business people, there are some scam artists out there. It is very important that you take the time to learn more about the investor you are working with when you sell your house. Whether they are part of a corporation, a group, or it is just an individual, do your research. Find out what you can about their reputation.  If anything questionable comes up, or if you can’t find any information at all about them, such as website, BBB rating, customer reviews, you might want to choose someone else.  This is the one of our tips for selling your house fast in St. Louis, MO that requires due diligence, but is essential for a successful sale to an investor.

Tip #4: When Should You Work with the Investors?

When you are working to sell your home, you do not necessarily have to start working with an investor cash buyer as soon as you list your home. In fact, if your home is in great condition and upgraded it would be best to go through the traditional means first, as it means you will get more money. However, if your home has been listed for several months, or is in need of a lot of repairs and updating, then it may be a good idea to take it off the market and seek out an investor.

On the other hand, one of the dangers of waiting too long to work with an investor is the fact that you might get to the point where you start doing repairs on the home to make it more attractive to traditional buyers. If you do this and spend money on repairing the property, and then work with an investor, you might not be able to recoup as much when you sell the property. You need to weigh everything carefully when you are selling your home.

It can be difficult to understand exactly what you should be doing when you are selling especially when you are looking for quick house sales in STL. It is a good idea to research both options; if you want to sell your home fast and make minimal repairs go with an investor.  We hope that our tips for selling your house fast in St. Louis, MO have helped you in your home selling journey.  To learn more about selling your St. Louis, Mo home to an investor contact St. Louis Realty Advisors at (314) 227-0000.

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