Tips to Sell Your Home in Florissant When You Are Upside Down on Your Mortgage

sell your home in Florissant

Sometimes deciding to sell your home in Florissant when you are upside down on your mortgage is the only available option.  Owning your own home is something to take great pride in, but unfortunately being underwater or upside-down on your mortgage (owing more on your mortgage than the current home value) has become a way of life for many. Many of these homeowners want to be right-side-up again.

Some families are barely able to make the payment and are frustrated that they aren’t building equity in their homes. Others who are facing unemployment and/or can no longer make payments in these tough economic times are having a really hard time feeling the stress of their mortgages.

Here are several options if you are upside-down on your mortgage and need to sell your home in Florissant.

  • Go for a short sale. A short sale takes place when the bank will allow the purchase of the home for less than what is owed. For a homeowner, this can be desirable because it won’t hurt your credit the way a foreclosure can. But in many cases, the stars have to be aligned just right and you need to have everything going your way for this to happen. Generally you have to find a bank willing to handle the short sale, you have to have a hardship, and you have to have a buyer lined up.
  • Loan modification. Some lenders might agree to let you lengthen the term of your loan and reduce your monthly payments thus ending the need to sell your home in Florissant. You need to have a good track record and it often depends on the lender, so it’s not always something you can count on.
  • Walk away and face foreclosure. If you choose to stop making your mortgage payment and let the bank foreclose on you, you’ll harm your credit rating and have a hard time buying in the future.
  • Rent out your home. If you can rent out your house to cover mortgage payments and rent a place that is less expensive, then you might be able to save some money. But don’t forget, you’ll still be responsible for maintenance and repairs and any damage that occurs while renters are residing there.

But sometimes the simplest solution of all is one you might not have even known about.  St. Louis Realty Advisors are happy to help out homebuyers in this situation. You won’t have to worry about real estate agents and getting your house ready for potential buyers. You won’t have to fret about whether renters will keep your house in good condition or a loan modification will do the trick. You won’t have to come up with endless ideas that don’t work to save your home. You won’t have to bend over backwards to try to sell your home in Florissant. And best of all, you don’t have to think about that ugly word: foreclosure.

Give St. Louis Realty Advisors a call today at (314) 227-0000 to learn how we can help you sell your home in Florissant and get out of an underwater mortgage.

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