How to Sell your Property Quickly in St. Louis


How to sell your property quickly in St. Louis?  As real estate investors in St. Louis we run into people who are always asking this question, folks just looking to sell houses quickly and getting top dollar is not always the most important factor.  To many of us that seems crazy to sacrifice money for a couple of month’s time, but other people have more pressing priorities than money.  These are some of the reasons people need to sell houses right away:

Wholesalers: A wholesaler does not always have the money to buy a house and will be looking into how to sell your property quickly in St. Louis.  A wholesaler will use a double close to buy and sell a house the same day.  In order to buy and sell a house the same day you have to sell the home to an investor who has cash and can close right away.  A wholesaler will also assign contracts they have to buy homes to other investors.  They have a contract with the rights to buy the home and they sell those rights to an investor who has the cash to close right away.  Many times these contracts are only good for 30 days or even less; that wholesaler has to find an investor who can close very quickly.

Homeowners: We have bought many houses from owner occupants who have approached us asking how to sell your property quickly in St. Louis.  Most of these homes were for sale on the MLS and were priced very well.  In most cases the home owners had not maintained the house well or bought the house in poor condition and never fixed it up.  These houses could not qualify for a conventional loan, which made an investor the perfect candidate to buy the house.  How to sell your property quickly in St. Louis may be a questions you are asking for many reasons; job transfer, health, starting a business, funding a business or you just need money.  In some cases people don’t want to put their home on the MLS, because they don’t want people to see the condition of their home.  An investor is the perfect person to buy houses quickly for cash, but they won’t pay retail value.

Investors: Investors also need to sell houses quickly at times.  Some investors have rental properties, but have moved away from that property.  They are tired of renting the home from a long distance or paying a property manager, who doesn’t do a good job.  Sometimes those out-of-state rental properties are more of a headache than an investment.  The investor gets tired of losing money on the property each month and they just want to sell quickly.  If a home is rented to long-term tenants it makes it more difficult to sell as well.  Owner occupant buyers want to buy homes they can move into right away, not a home they have to wait for the tenants to move out of.  Most owner occupants won’t be able to get a loan on a house with a current lease in place either.  The investor, who owns a home that is rented, will have to sell to an investor who will want a great deal.

Inherited properties: Are you asking how to sell your property quickly in St. Louis that you have inherited?  We have also bought houses that were estate sales.  In those cases the houses were not maintained or updated for many years.  The heirs did not want to fix up the home or they just wanted their money as fast as possible.  Probate homes are often sold off market and quickly for cash.

Banks and institutions: Some banks and large institutions will sell large pools of properties off market to other large investors.  Most of these pools are worth hundreds of millions of dollars and are not advertised as for sale.  The buyers are large hedge funds or asset management companies.  The advantage of selling large pools is that many homes are sold at one time, without the hassle of selling each property.  Many investors claim to have access to large off market pools of properties, but in most instances they do not.

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