Inheriting a Home- How Do I Sell?

Inheriting a Home

Inheriting a home from a loved one can be an extremely difficult time in one’s life. Prior to inheriting the home, you were probably dealing with a family member who has been battling a sickness or moving on from old age. The last thing you are thinking about during this period of time is what you will do with their property. However, when the house becomes yours, figuring out what to do with it can present emotional and financial distress. You will be placed with the tasks of deciding which choices need to be made to sell your deceased family members property.

Selling your home to a real estate investor offers a lot of appealing benefits to people who have just been willed a property. Before you decide to move forward with this selling vehicle, we suggest that you do some preliminary research to find a company that is trustworthy and responsive while having the ability to meet your needs. The process of selling to a real estate investor is a bit different from selling the traditional route, solely due to the fact that you will be more involved with the process. Even though you will be more involved in the process, real estate investors make home sales very simple.

This is the process of selling to a real estate investor:
• Seller contacts real estate investor (internet search)
• Real estate investor collects property to date and seller information
• Real estate investor sets up appointment to meet owner and evaluate property
• Real estate investor will run numbers
• Real estate investor will propose an offer
• If you agree, seller will sign purchase contract
• Paperwork will be sent to attorney
• Closings happens quickly

The benefits of selling to a real estate investor are:
• Quick sales
• Cash offers
• Fast closings
• No repairs
• No commissions
• No hidden fees
• No open houses/ showings
• Limited holding costs
• You have a buyer

This option offers several unique benefits to the seller of an inherited home. If you have a reputable investment firm in your local community it is worth taking a look into. The offers that they give you will be obligation free so you will not have to accept what they offer and you can negotiate off of that price. We would suggest experimenting with this process before listing with a real estate agent to see if you can come to an agreement on price since this will be your easiest option.

If you are ready to sell your inherited home to a real estate investor, contact St. Louis Realty Advisors at (314) 326-4900. We’re here to guide you through the selling process.

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