Who Will Buy My Home in St. Louis?

buy my home in St. Louis

“Who will buy my home in St. Louis” is a question that we hear often.  You probably have seen the signs, plastered on telephone poles and ubiquitous at street corners, just the thing to read when you’re waiting for a red light.

“We’ll Buy Your Home for Cash,” asserts one.  “We Buy Ugly Houses,” promises another.  Though the language may differ slightly, the messages are variants on the same theme.  In effect, investors in St. Louis promise to buy your home, in just about any condition, in a very short amount of time.

If you are like many other people, you may question the viability of a company that resorts to using light poles to drum up business.  Then again, the promise of a quick sale, especially in today’s market, can seem appealing.

If you are asking “Who will buy my home in St. Louis,” you should first understand that area real estate investment firms like St. Louis Realty Advisors can be a real advantage to sellers who don’t want to wait or don’t have the money or time to spend on repairs.

In some ways, homeowners are facing situations more complicated and challenging than ever before.  You can’t just list a home and expect it to sell.  Now, home sellers need websites complete with professional photographs, must explore new strategies for selling and marketing, and have to deal with hidden costs just to find someone to purchase your home.

The process usually starts with a phone call to the real estate investment firm which you are looking to work with.  The fast-buy representative will ask a series of questions regarding the home’s age, condition, windows, number of bedrooms and sell date, the same kinds of things a real estate agent might ask during a preliminary meeting.  The company representative will give the homeowner a selling price to purchase your home based on this information.

A short time later, a representative of the company will arrive at the home and evaluate the property.

Every situation is different.  There are a number of costs are associated with traditional sales methods, including the real estate agent’s commission, that subtract from the final selling price of the home. What quick buy firms pay for the home is dependent upon condition, location and the amount of work that needs to be done to the home.

Once the representative views the property and makes any adjustments to the original offer, the company will close on the house and the homeowner will receive a check.  Any outstanding mortgage is paid off at closing.

Fans of the quick-buy method like that they don’t have to haggle or spend months of waiting before lowering the price to sell the house.

Once the sale is complete and the former homeowner has moved out, the company will spend some cash of its own for repairs and renovations.  One frequent question raised by homeowners considering this kind of sale is whether they will get fair market value.

A homeowner usually will receive 60 percent to 80 percent of market value, which can be fair a trade-off for some.

Homeowners who use these businesses often don’t want to deal with the time and effort, including updates and repairs, to prepare a property for sale.  Some have inherited property and don’t want to be saddled with the taxes and maintenance costs and would instead like to find someone to purchase the home.  Sometimes, homeowners find themselves in financial straits and just want to unload what they view as a burden.  Some sellers are involved in divorce, illness, or other life factor and just need to sell.  Regardless of the situation, quick buy firms are in operation to help sellers regardless of their circumstances.

If you have found yourself asking, “Who will buy my home in St. Louis”, look no farther.  St Louis Realty Advisors will buy your home in St. Louis.  Our team goes the extra mile to make sure each seller is comfortable with the price they are receiving for their home and the entire sales process, before they sign on the dotted line.  Stop asking, “Who will buy my home in St. Louis”, contact a member of the St Louis Realty Advisors team at (314)227-0000.



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