Will a Flipper Buy my House as is in St. Louis?

Buy my House as is in St. LouisHave you been searching Google for “Will a flipper buy my house as is in St. Louis?”  Well, you’ve come to the right place.  St. Louis Realty Advisors is St. Louis’ premier buyer of as is homes.  No matter the condition of your home, we are interested in making sure your search for “Someone to buy my house as is in St. Louis” ends here. We are a real estate investment firm specializing in St. Louis home sales.

First, there aren’t huge profits involved in fix and flipping.  It’s much more profitable for a fix and flipper to have many deals going at once than to try and make a huge profit off of one deal.  It is not likely that a fix and flipper is stealing a home from a seller to make a profit.  When you ask “Who will buy my house as is in St. Louis” and you locate a flipper understand, they are making repairs and adding value to homes and taking on a huge risk as well.  Many fix and flippers went bankrupt a few years ago when the housing market crashed.  Many fix and flippers under-estimate their costs and lose money on their first deals.  When you see a huge margin between the buying and selling price of a home, it does not always mean the seller was taken advantage of.  Remember if the flipper does not make those repairs, market and sell your house; the original seller will have to do all of those things to get the most money.  Most sellers do not have the money, time or experience to manage renovation projects on homes or know where to best spend the money making it best to find a qualified home buyer when asking “Who will buy my house as is in St. Louis”.

Even though most fix and flippers are honest hard-working investors that will do a quick close on your home, there are some flippers that take advantage of sellers that are asking “Who will buy my house as is in St. Louis”.  One way fix and flippers are able to buy homes below market value is by using direct marketing campaigns to contact sellers.  Direct marketing involves sending mail to home owners that do not have their home for sale, or marketing to home owners with billboards or signs.  Direct marketing in itself is not a bad thing, but investors have to be very careful, because when a home is not for sale on the MLS the house is not being exposed to market pricing.

If a house seller has no idea what their home is worth and an investor offers that seller 30% of the current market value I think that may be crossing the line ethically.  If reputable buyer purchases your home as is through direct marketing they should be very honest about what it is worth and disclose in writing that they may be buying it below market value and may profit on the deal.

Many people do not think about the good fix and flippers do when they flip a house.  Fix and flippers make money by repairing homes or adding value.  It is true that they buy houses cheap and there is a small chance that could hurt prices in a neighborhood in the short-term.  However when a flipper repairs a house and puts it back on the market, they are selling it at a very high price.  This sales price will help the neighborhood and house prices in the area.  If you are worried about the effects of the low price the flipper bought a house for, it usually does not hurt house prices very much.  Appraisers and real estate agents who help determine value for sellers can see houses that were bought by flippers were distressed and needed work.  Most appraisers will not even consider these properties when doing appraisals, unless they are appraising a home in similar condition.

Fix and flippers also take an eye sore or a vacant property and make it look nice.  A fix and flipper can be the answer to “Who will buy my house as is in St. Louis” and turn it around in a few months or less, because that is what they do.  They then usually sell the house to an owner occupant buyer who will take care of the home for years.  If that same distressed house was sold to an owner occupant, they may not have the money, time or resources to repair the home in a timely manner or ever.  If the home is sold to an investor who is looking to hold it as a rental, that investor may not repair the home as nicely and tenants may not take care of the home as well.

Not only do house flippers help improve neighborhoods by making ugly houses look nice, but they also help the local economy when they purchase your as is home.  When many firms buy fix and flip homes they use local contractors to repair the home.  All this money being spent on repairing a house is going back into the local economy.

Firms that will assist when you are searching for “Someone to buy my house as is in St. Louis” can make a lot of money, but they can also lose a lot of money as well.  It is a risky business and to make sense for people to flip houses, there needs to be rewards.  Most successful flippers do not make money by taking advantage of people, but by adding value and doing multiple deals a year.  House flippers also help to improve neighborhoods and house prices by renovating houses when they buy my home as is and selling them for the most money they possibly can.

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